Our turnaround and performance success stories

We’ve helped numerous companies, who were facing a major crisis, turn their business around, and become viable and profitable once more.

We’ve also helped many healthy companies achieve substantial and accelerated growth. We have a tenacious approach and we are fully committed to getting businesses back on track. Whatever the situation, we believe there’s always a way that the business can be improved.

Our results show that we help clients achieve outcomes which are more than ten times the cost of our services; an impressive return on investment.

Each of the following stories demonstrates our approach and the problem-solving techniques applied to real world business problems.

Turnaround Restructure Capital Improvement High Growth
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Michael Fingland

My philosophy is that there is always a way to solve a crisis, as long as you’re engaged early enough.

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Andrew Birch

I believe that clear strategies and organisational alignment are fundamental for long-term business viability.