Leadership: Lessons from the Mumbai Bombings

Harsh Shah


It’s difficult to imagine that we could pick up any management practices from the horrific spate of bombings that took place in Mumbai on the 26th November 2008. Yet, true heroes emerge in the face of disaster. Amongst them, were the staff at the Taj Palace Hotel.

The hotel saw six explosions. The staff were able to evacuate guests, with many returning into the building, despite the danger. It was an example of first-class training and commitment that many brands aspire to but few achieve.

Harsh Shah, a client director at Vantage Performance, has experienced the customer service at the Taj Hotel Group. In this week’s Vantage Performance podcast he talks to Phil Dobbie about how the company has managed to offer an extraordinary commitment to customer service.


Harsh Shah


My vision is to transform culture of organisations worldwide where employees are empowered, engaged and deeply committed to their organisation.

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